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Learn from the "Master of the Flute" in Weggis, Switzerland! Join us from 19-28 July 2019 for masterclasses, Guest Artists, concerts, ensembles, exhibitors, awards and much more. Sir James and Lady Galway invite you to join them for the 30th Annual Galway Flute Festival!


frequently asked questions

I want to apply to Sir James’ class. Does my submitted recording have to be from memory?

No, your submitted pieces of two contrasting works as part of your application does NOT have to be from memory. However, the piece you chose to perform for the actual masterclass is required to be performed from memory.

I want to apply to Sir James’ class, but I won’t have my recordings until March. Can I submit the application without submitting my recordings yet?

Yes! We strongly encourage submitting your application and paying the application fee NOW. Email recordings to by April 1.

If I play one complete piece, does that account for the two contrasting selections required for the application?

No, the two contrasting selections should be from separate pieces.

Do all movements from a piece have to be submitted with the application?

No, select movements from pieces are fine for entry.

Does the music we submit with our application have to be the same music as what we perform in the masterclass?

No, your submitted pieces of two contrasting works do not have to be the piece you perform in the masterclass. There is a separate section of the application that asks what piece you would like to perform for the masterclass.

What is the recommended age for attendees?

There is no age limit for Sir James’ or Lady Galway’s masterclasses! In 2018 we had students from 10-70 years old. Students of all ages are also welcome to attend as Visitors and observe the classes.

What is the recommended level of playing?

Sir James’ masterclass is geared towards advanced players, university students, and professionals. To apply for Sir James’ class, please fill out the Application form, pay the Application fee and send 2 current (within 6 months) video recordings of contrasting works of standard flute repertoire with piano accompaniment (no piccolo repertoire). We must be able to hear and see you clearly in the videos. Please note that students accepted into and performing in Sir James’ masterclass must perform their lesson piece from memory. No exceptions.

Lady Galway’s masterclass accepts students of all ages and levels. It would be helpful to have attained the equivalent of Grade 4/5 ABRSM to play some of the technical studies.

All Visitors are welcome! Anyone can attend the Festival and purchase a Visitor pass, whether you are a professional, novice flutist or general music lover!

How do I apply?

Sir James’ masterclass - Please fill out the Application form and pay the Application fee with your 2 audition video recordings and pay the Application fee by April 1, 2019. You can fill out the Application form earlier to reserve your room at Stella Matutina and send in your 2 audition video recordings to at a later date, but they must be received by April 1st.

Lady Galway’s masterclass - Please fill out the Application form and pay the Application fee. There is no deadline for Lady Galway’s class, however it will close once her schedule is full. We recommend applying by May 1, 2019.

I would like to attend as a Visitor. Do I need to register now?

If you would like to pay in advance for all of your costs you can register by sending in the Application form now. You can also wait to register upon your arrival at the Festival and pay then, however we do not accept credit cards or personal checks, and will only accept cash in Swiss Francs. If you would like to pay with a credit card, please register at least 24 hours in advance. If you would like to order any meals to have at Stella Matutina, they must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

I can only attend for a few days. Can I still have a masterclass lesson?

Any student registered for Sir James’ or Lady Galway’s masterclass MUST attend the entire Festival. Students also must attend every Festival Flute Choir rehearsal in order to play in the Grand Finale Concert. If a rehearsal is missed or skipped, you will not allowed to play in the performance.

Does everyone have to pay the Application fee?

Anyone applying for Sir James’ or Lady Galway’s masterclasses are required to pay the Application fee of CHF 100. Visitors, spouses and parents/guardians are not required to pay the fee.

How do I know if my Application and fee went through?

We will send you a confirmation email once the application and fee have been received. Please allow 2-3 days for processing. If you have paid the Application fee via bank wire transfer, this can take up to a week.

I am a parent/guardian of an attendee. Do I need to attend every class and rehearsal with my child?

No, you do not. Attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. You are welcome to go into Weggis or visit Lucerne during the day, as long as we have a mobile phone number to reach you in case of an emergency. We do require the parent/guardian to be present during check-in, check-out and all evenings. We have multiple adult students and former Galway Rising Stars who attend each year and will help the staff keep an eye on your child, to answer any questions they might have and make sure they know where they are going during the day. You are more than welcome to observe any classes, workshops, rehearsals and recitals! Parents/guardians are not charged an Application fee or tuition/visitor fee. If you are staying at Stella Matutina you will only have to pay for your accommodations.

Can my spouse and I reserve a room at Stella Matutina?

Due to the limited amount of accommodation rooms we have available at Stella Matutina, we can not reserve a room for spouses. Full-time active participants in Sir James’ and Lady Galway’s classes are given first priority of rooms, along with young students with their parent/guardian. We will be happy to put you and your spouse on the Wait List for a double room, if one becomes available. We recommend that you reserve a room at a nearby hotel now, to guarantee that you both have accommodations.

I was just told that there are no rooms left available at Stella Matutina. What do I do?

There are multiple hotels in Hertenstein and Weggis, plus some sponsor our Festival and offer discounted rates to our attendees. The list of hotels and their discounted rates are HERE. Please call them directly to make your reservation and be sure to mention that you are a part of the Galway Flute Festival. We recommend making your hotel reservation as early as possible, as July and August are busy tourism times for Switzerland. Please note that most hotels are approximately 1-1.5 miles (1.5-2.5km) away from Stella Matutina and are therefore a 20-30 minute walk if you do not have a car. The Lidobus makes one trip in the morning and one in the evening from Weggis to Stella Matutina. We hope to have a member of staff also make one trip in the morning and one in the evening to pick-up/drop-off attendees at hotels. We will have more information regarding transportation closer to the Festival.

How do I get to the venue, Stella Matutina, from Zurich airport?

If you are flying to Switzerland, the easiest route is by air to Zurich airport, train to Lucerne (aka Luzern) station (train schedule) and then ferry to Hertenstein (the stop nearest to Stella Matutina; ferry schedule). Students often meet at various points along this travel route and then travel together to the festival. It is a 20 minute walk from the Hertenstein landing to Stella Matutina (map). We will run a shuttle from the Hertenstein ferry stop to Stella Matutina on check-in day and check-out day ONLY.  Shuttle times will be confirmed closer to the festival date.

Are towels provided for at Stella Matutina?

Yes, bath towels and face towels are provided to students residing at Stella Matutina, and are exchanged for a clean set mid-week.

Are soaps, shampoos, etc. available for use while staying at Stella Matutina?

No, these items have to be brought with you.

I am a student participant staying at one of the local hotels. How do I get to Stella Matutina?

This year the festival has rented a bus. There will also be two shuttle services per day for students staying off campus. The shuttle will collect you for morning rehearsals and will drop you off after evening concerts. We have a list of all students staying off campus and we will let you know the time and location of the shuttle pick up each morning and evening. There are also many students with cars who will assist during the week if extra transport is required.