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Learn from the "Master of the Flute" in Weggis, Switzerland! Join us from 19-28 July 2019 for masterclasses, Guest Artists, concerts, ensembles, exhibitors, awards and much more. Sir James and Lady Galway invite you to join them for the 30th Annual Galway Flute Festival!

Payment & Deadlines


Enrollment and Tuition Fees

All Fees are Non-Refundable

CHF 100 - Application Fee, required for all Active Participants in Sir James & Lady Galway's masterclasses. *Your application will not be processed until this fee has been received. The Application Fee also reserves your spot in class and your requested room type at Stella Matutina (if applicable).

CHF 1,150 - Active Participants: Sir James' masterclass

CHF 700 - Active Participants: Lady Galway's masterclass

CHF 600 - Full Event Visitor Pass

CHF 400 - 3 Day Visitor Pass (includes daily Utilities Fees)

CHF 150 - 1 Day Visitor Pass (includes daily Utilities Fee)

*Accommodation costs at Stella Matutina are separate.


We are fortunate to be able to offer students in need, financial assistance in order to attend our Festival! Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have a limited amount of financial assistance available. These funds are awarded at the discretion of Galway Flute Festival Management. Please fill out the appropriate questions on the application form, including 150 words on your financial needs for the scholarship and your goals associated with attending the Galway Flute Festival. Awarded scholarships are applied only to tuition costs. Additionally, it is required that scholarship recipients staying at Stella Matutina, stay in a double room with washbasin and communal shower. If you have any questions, please contact us:


April 1: Sir James' class - Application form, Application fee & Audition recordings due.

May 1: Sir James' class - Notification of acceptance sent

May 20: ALL active participants - Payment due for Application fee, Tuition & Accommodations at Stella Matutina.

As places are limited, we would advise anyone applying for Lady Galway's class to submit your Application and Application Fee no later than May 1.

If you are accepted as an active participant in Sir James' class and your funds are not received by the deadline of May 20, your spot in Sir James' masterclass will be forfeited.

If you are staying at Stella Matutina and your funds are not received by the deadline of May 20, your room will be given to someone on our Wait List.

If you are applying to Lady Galway's class or for a Visitor Pass and would prefer to make a one-time payment including all fees (application fee, tuition and accommodations) you are welcome to do so. Please email us for your final invoice total:

All Fees are Non-Refundable


Options for payment: PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer.

We do not accept personal cheques.

Fill out the Application form, then click on the PayPal "Pay Now" button to immediately pay the Application Fee (CHF 100) and reserve your spot in class and your room choice at Stella Matutina.

2019 Festival

After your application form has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email and invoice for the application fee. If you are applying for Sir James' class, you will receive a final invoice indicating your tuition and accommodation costs (if applicable) once acceptance decisions have been made. If you are applying for Lady Galway's class or a Visitor Pass and would like to pay for all of your costs at once (application fee, tuition, accommodations), please let us know and we will include everything on your initial invoice: 

Wire Transfer Bank Information:

Please take ALL international fees and bank transfer charges into consideration when making the transaction via wire transfer.

Account Number: 01-00-650525-09

Sir James Galway Masterclass

Luzerner Kantonalbank

Pilatusstrasse 12

Postfach, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland

IBAN: CH47 0077 8010 0650 52509


ACCOMMODATIONs at stella matutina    

All prices are per person per night and include bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as service, free parking, wireless internet and free use of the swimming facilities by the lake. More information about accommodations at Stella Matutina can be found on the Accommodations page.

Single Room en suite - CHF 123.50/per night 

Single Room with washbasin & communal shower - CHF 104.00/per night

Double Room en suite - CHF 104.00/per night, per person

Double Room with washbasin & communal shower - CHF 89.00/per night, per person

Tourist Tax: charged to all guests over the age of 12 years old - CHF 2.70/per night

Discounted pricing is available for rooms with a child under the age of 12 years old and families with 3 guests in a room (child participant & 2 guardians/parents). Please contact us for more information.

meals & guests

All non-resident guests (anyone not rooming at Stella Matutina), such as 1 Day, 3 Day and Full Event Visitors, along with any family members, need to pre-register at the Festival Office. Any meals for non-residents must be ordered and paid for by May 20 with your Flute Festival invoice. Non-resident guests are charged a Utilities Fee daily for use of the facilities, parking,wireless internet and use of the swimming facilities by the lake. Please note the Utilities Fee is based on whether or not the guest has ordered any meals for that day.

Please let us know if you or a guest have any special dietary requirements for your meals. The wonderful nuns at Stella Matutina cook delicious meals every day, therefore they need to know any meal changes at least 1 day in advance. We will try to make every effort possible to accommodate dietary requirements.

Utilities Fee (Non-Resident, Ordering Meals) - CHF 10/per day

Utilities Fee (Non-Resident, No Meals) - CHF 20/per day

Breakfast - CHF 13

Lunch - CHF 25

Dinner - CHF 18

Farewell Party - CHF 45 - Saturday 27 July

Special Dietary Requests - CHF 9/per day for guests staying at Stella Matutinal; CHF 7/per meal for Visitors

A cafeteria is located on the ground floor of Stella Matutina and is open 24 hours a day with light refreshments. All purchases must be paid for in cash (Swiss francs).


Please make sure you will bring enough cash and change (Swiss francs) with you are there are no cash machines near Stella Matutina. You will have to walk to Weggis (approximately 30 minutes) if you run out. It is best to change money upon your arrival at the airport or the train station. Any purchases made at the Stella Matutina cafeteria must be paid in Swiss francs.

Please be sure to pay the exact amount on your Flute Festival invoice before arriving, making note of currency exchange and wire transfer fees. We will ask you to pay any missing amount or reimburse you once you arrive and register.