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Learn from the "Master of the Flute" in Weggis, Switzerland! Join us from 19-28 July 2019 for masterclasses, Guest Artists, concerts, ensembles, exhibitors, awards and much more. Sir James and Lady Galway invite you to join them for the 30th Annual Galway Flute Festival!


Private Lessons

It is strictly forbidden to offer or accept lessons (paid or unpaid) given by any other student or Guest Artist outside the official courses offered.

Photography and Video

Photography for personal use is permitted (no flash please). Video should not be taken except of your own performance/lesson for personal use only.

It is strictly prohibited to use any audio or visual imagery, taken or recorded at the Festival, in any form of publication and/or for commercial gain. This policy will be strictly enforced. There is a class photographer to take photos of the Festival ONLY.

Loan Flutes

If you have been lent one of the low flutes, do carefully look after this instrument and return it to the Festival Office immediately after each rehearsal - THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY